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AZANEW COLOURING — the specific coloring of connecting fabric, modification of coloring across Mallori developed by the German anatomist Geydengayn (M. Heidenhain) in 1915. Azanew COLOURING works well best of all after fixing of objects in the fixing liquids (see. Fixing ), containing corrosive sublimate (e.g., in Tsenker, Gelli, Maximov's liquids) though satisfactory results turn out as well after fixing in Buen's liquids, Carnoy, etc. Good washing from fixers is necessary.

Coloring consists of the following procedures.

1. The thin sections exempted from paraffin on glasses place in 0,1% solution of azocarmine in well corked glass glasses and put for 45 min. in the thermostat at t ° 56 — 60 ° then cool at the room temperature of 5 — 10 min.

2. Rinse in a distilled water and differentiate in spirit aniline solution before clear identification of nuclear structure.

3. Interrupt a differentiation, having placed drug for short term in acetic alcohol, and then 1 — 3 hour pickle in 5% aqueous solution phosphatotungstic to - you.

4. Quickly wash out in a distilled water and differentiate in 96% alcohol.

5. Dehydrate in 100% alcohol, carry out through a xylol and conclude in Canada balsam. Collagenic and reticulin fibers are painted in blue color, muscle fibers — in orange-red, slime — in blue, neuroglial fibers — in red, basphilic and oxyphilic granularity in cytoplasm — in various shades of blue, red and orange colors.

See also Histologic methods of a research .

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A. N. Studitsky.