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ATTRITION — the acute inflammation of skin (dermatitis) caused by a mechanical factor, most often long friction, pressure of footwear, badly driven clothes, belts of ammunition, etc. As the contributing moment serves the increased sweating. Most often P. on toes, in heels and anklebones, and also on skin of palms (pressure the tool meet at physical activity). The item begins with burning sensation, morbidity and reddening of the site of skin which is exposed to mechanical influence. At further mechanical influence against the background of a hyperemia the intense bubbles filled with light serous or hemorrhagic liquid are formed. After their opening there are erosion surrounded with a cyanotic-pink nimbus. Suppuration of a bubble or an erosion with development regional is possible limfangiita (see) or lymphadenitis (see). Repeated long mechanical influence brings to hron, to the disease of an integument which is characterized by a congestive hyperemia, infiltration likhenization (see), hyperkeratosis (see).

Treatment. At moderately expressed P. (erythema) the struck places grease 5% with water solution of a tannin or 1 — 2% spirit solution of aniline dye (methylene blue, tetraethyl-diamino-triphenyl-carbohydride sulfate). At sharp morbidity imposing of bandages with zinc paste, indifferent creams or corticosteroid ointment is reasonable (prednizolonovy, hydrocortisone, etc.). Bubbles after disinfection of skin carefully open, keeping a vesical tire. The erosion formed at P. should be greased with spirit solution of aniline dye and to close the sterile dry or wet drying bandage with disinfecting solution (Furacilin 1: 5000). At the subsequent bandagings apply ointments (zinc, 5 — 10% dermatolovy, corticosteroid, Vishnevsky's linimentum, etc.). At P.'s suppuration it is necessary to remove the exfoliated epidermis, to impose the disinfecting wet drying bandages on erosive surfaces, in case of development of a limfangiit or lymphadenitis to appoint antibiotics. At hron, dermatitis with the phenomena of a hyperkeratosis bandages from 5 — 10% by salicylic ointment, repeated warm trays with the subsequent removal of the loosened horn masses in the mechanical way (a scalpel, pumice, etc.) are shown.

Prevention it has to be directed to elimination of the reasons causing development of the Item. Wearing well picked up footwear, in the conditions of army — its timely obnoska before long walking, the correct use of footcloths is of great importance. The persons doing hard manual work shall use mittens, watch a condition of tools. Regular care of legs is important: fight against perspiration of feet, daily washing by cool water, walking barefoot in summertime.

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Yu. Ya. Ashmarin.