ATAKHANOV Ergash Isabayevich

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ATAXAHOB Ergash Isabayevich

ATAKHANOV Ergash Isabayevich (1914 — 1967) — the Soviet therapist, the member correspondent of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1961), the member correspondent of AN of the Uzbek SSR (I960). In 1936 ended Tashkent medical in-t.

Since 1943 — the associate professor, since 1949 after protection dokt. the thesis devoted to biophysiology of elements of blood at diseases of the hemopoietic system (1948) — professor of hospital therapeutic clinic. Since 1951 — the department chair of propaedeutics of internal diseases Tashkent medical in-that. In 1955 — 1962 — the chairman of the Academic council of M3 of the Uzbek SSR.

E. I. Atakhanov published more than 100 scientific works on questions of hematology, pathology of digestive organs, regional pathology. It specified a number of mechanisms of a pathogeny of leukoses, erythremias, a malignant anemia; changes in system of a hemopoiesis at diseases of the digestive system are shown; pathology of a liver and processes of exchange in the conditions of hot climate are studied. It one of the first in the USSR applied lipotropic substances (sincaline, lipocainum, B12 vitamin) at treatment hron, hepatitises, and protein hydrolyzates (parenterally) — at diseases of internals.

Works: Krysoretikulotsitarny reaction at anemic states, Rubbed. arkh., t. 20, century 1, page 76, 1948; Base materials on biophysiology of elements of blood at the most important diseases of the hemopoietic system, a yew., M., 1948; Proteinaceous hydrolyzates and their use at chronic diseases of intestines, Rubbed. arkh., t. 33, century 3, page 75, 1961 (sovm, with other); About disturbance of protein and vitamin metabolism at acute epidemic hepatitis, Zdravookhr. Kazakhstan, No. 5, page 8, 1962; Functional diagnosis of diseases of kidneys, Medical zhur N ·. Uzbekistan, No. 1, page 3, 1968 (sovm, with Katz P. S.); Hemopoietic factors at anemias of a gastrointestinal origin, Vestn. The USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, No. 4, page 74, 1968 (sovm, with Yuldashe-vy U. I.).

Bibliography: Maksumov D. N. Ergash Ysabayevich Atakhanov's memories, Klin, medical, t. 46, No. 5, with, 155, 1968; Ergash Isabayevich Atakhanov, Rubbed. arkh., t. 36, century 11, page 108, 1964.

L. A. Stankievich.