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ASTRUC Jean (Astrue Jean, 1684 — 1766) — the French doctor, the author of the first 9-volume scientific guide to venereal diseases (French translation — in 1777 is published in 1740 in Latin). In this work the critical review of all to it the existing treatises about venereal diseases is given.

Works: Dissertation sur la peste de Provence, Tiguri, 1721; De morbis venereis libri sex, Lutetinae Parisiorum, 1736; De morbis venereis libri novem, Lu tetinae Parisiorum, 1740.

Bibliography: Doe J. Jean Astrue (1684 — 1766), biographical and bibliographical study, J. Hist. Med., v. 15, p. 184, 1960, bibliogr.; Mendel L. Jean Astruc (19. 3.1684 bis 5/5/1766) und sein Werk «Die morbis venereis» zu seinem 200. Todestag, Derm. Wschr., Bd 153, S. 105, 1967; Zeman F. D. Jean Astruc (1684 — 1766) on old age, J. Hist. Med., v. 20, p. 52, 1965.