ASTAUROV Boris Lvovich

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ASTAUROV Boris Lvovich

ASTAUROV Boris Lvovich (1904 — 1974) — the Soviet geneticist, the embryologist experimenter; academician of Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1966). In 1927 graduated from biology faculty of MSU. Narkomzdrava, in Central Asian in-those silkworm breeding worked under the leadership of S. S. Chetverikov and N. K. Koltsov in Ying-those experimental biology; since 1938 — at institutes of Academy of Sciences of the USSR. In 1967 based and until the end of life Ying t of developmental biology of Academy of Sciences of the USSR headed.

The main works of B. L. Astaurov are devoted to genetics of a silkworm, radiogenetics and biology, problems of regulation of a floor, genetics of development and methodological questions of biology. He developed the method of an artificial (thermal) parthenogenesis which gained distribution in practice of silkworm breeding (1936); a method of receiving a diploid androgenesis by means of which interspecies diploid androgenetichesky (nucleocytoplasmic) hybrids of a silkworm (1957) were for the first time received. In development of these hybrids signs of a look were shown only fatherly (on a kernel), but not maternal (on cytoplasm), than the leading role of a kernel in transfer of the main species characters was proved. Under the leadership of B. L. Astaurov the problem of artificial regulation of a floor at a silkworm was solved that has great economic value. For opening of methods of regulation of a floor by means of an artificial diploid androgenesis to it (sovm, from V. P. Ostryakova-Varshaver) the diploma with a priority (1957) is awarded. The genetic theory of action of radiation on an organism (1958) is offered them. The scientist published over 150 scientific works, including a number of methodological articles on the general questions of biology (1970 — 1974). For scientific research B. L. Astaurov is awarded by a gold medal of Mechnikov (1970) and an honourable silver medal of Gregor Mendel (1965). It was the first president of the All-Union island of geneticists and selectors (1966 — 1972). It is awarded by two awards of the Labour Red Banner and medals.

Works: Artificial parthenogenesis at a silkworm, M. — L., 1940; Receiving a full heterospermic androgenesis at interspecies hybrids of a silkworm, Izv. Academy of Sciences of the USSR, it is gray. biol., No. 2, page 154, 1957 (sovm, from V. P.'s Ostryakovoy-Varsha-ver); Differential effect of radiation damages of a kernel and cytoplasm as a result of their functional specificity, Bulletin Mosk. islands ispyt. nature, otd. biol., t. 63, No. 1, page 35, 1958;. Cytogenetics of development of a silkworm and its experimental control, M., 1968.

Bibliography: Boris Lvovich Astaurov, sost. R. I. Goryacheva and A. L. Tepenitsyn, M., 1972; R about t of t of H. H., D e t of l and f T. A. and Vereyskaya V. N. Boris Lvovich Astaurov, Cytology, t. 7, No. 1, page 133, 1965, bibliogr.

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