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ASTASIA-ABASIA (grech, and - otritsa. + stasis standing + basis the movement, circulation) — the motor disturbances which are shown loss of ability to stand and go. The patient put on a floor reels, convulsively grabs a bed, a wall, leans all over regarding a support, but, as a rule, does not fall. The movements in hands at the same time are made in full. In lying situation at the sick movement in legs are kept, there are no koordinatorny frustration, an animal force sufficient. And. - and. is considered as the symptom of hysteria arising on the psychogenic mechanism.

Disturbances of walking and standing at injury of a frontal lobe by nek-ry authors were described also as And. - and. However at damage of a frontal lobe disorder of walking and standing has only external looking alike And. - and., it is result of a phenomenon of the expressed inertia characteristic of process of this localization and the motive initiative leading to loss not only during the standing and walking rather, but also during the lying. These patients lose ability even to turn in a bed that is not peculiar And. - and.

Bibliography: M. B. and Fedorov E. A. crawl. Main neuropathological syndromes, M., 1966.

H. N. Anosov.