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ASLAN Ana (Aslan Ana, sort. in 1897) — the Romanian gerontologist, the schoolgirl and the closest employee academician K. I. Parkhona; chairman of the island of gerontologists of SRR. In 1922 ended medical f-t Bucharest un-that. Since 1945 — professor of clinic of internal diseases of university (of Timishoar). Since 1948 — the director of physiological clinic in-that endocrinology (Bucharest). Since 1952 — the director in-that geriatrics of K. I. Parkhon (Bucharest). Researches A. Aslan are devoted preferential to studying of therapeutic action of a number of the means (novocaine, vitamins, hormonal drugs) used at the phenomena of pathological aging. From its numerous scientific works works on medical and preventive use of novocaine («Gerovital of NZ») in geriatrics (clinical, functional and biochemical trials), in organizational forms of medical service and prevention of a senilism of people gained fame.

Works: Novocaina factor eutrofic §i in-tineritor in tratamentul profilactic $i curativ al batrinetii, Bucurejti, 1955 (sovm. with ParhonC. I.); Terapevtika of an old age, Romanian. medical obozr., No. 2, page 87, 1959; Das gerontologische Zentrum, Int. conf. ge-rontol., ed. by A. Baläzs, p. 577, Budapest, 1965 (sovm, with other).

L. P. Cherkassky.