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AShOFF Ludwig

ASHOFF Ludvig (Aschoff Ludwig, 1866 — 1942) — the German pathologist. Ended in 1889 medical f-t Strasbourg un-that. Since 1894 — professor a stalemate. anatomy in Goettingen, in Marburg, and since 1906 and until the end of life — in Freyburge. L.

Ashoff is an author apprx. 400 scientific works, the two-volume textbook a stalemate. anatomy and the atlas of microphotos on a stalemate. histology. Main works and L. Ashoff's researches and his schools: a thrombogenesis and a role of hemodynamic factors in this process; the classical description of a histopathology of appendicitis in all stages of development and establishment of its separate forms. Ashoff together with S. Tawara developed the doctrine about the carrying-out atrioventricular system of heart (see. the Carrying-out system of heart ). It studied histologic changes of a myocardium at rheumatism, the specific rheumatic granuloma called afterwards by his name is for the first time found (see. Rheumatism ); in development of data of I. I. Mechnikov on macrophages by L. Ashoff with soavt, the doctrine about reticuloendothelial system is developed; the morphogenesis is studied and new classification of pulmonary tuberculosis is given; researches on a nek-eye to infections (gas phlegmon, tetanus) are conducted; holesterinesterovy obesity is allocated, ways of definition of lipoid substances in fabrics are developed. For the purpose of studying not only morphology, but also a pathogeny of various diseases L. Ashoff used an experiment on animals.

L. Ashoff left for reading scientific reports to various countries, including to the USSR (1923 and 1930), the USA, England, Japan, Sweden, etc.

Works: Die heutige Lehre von den pathologisch-anatomischen Grundlagen der Herzschwäche, Jena, 1906; Die Wurmfortsatzentzündung, Jena, 1908; Arteriosklerose, B., 1914; Über die Benennung der chronischen Nierenleiden, B., 1917; Veröffentlichungen aus dem Gebiete der Kriegs-und Konstitutionspathologie, Jena, 1920 (Hrsg.); Über die natürlichen Heilungsvorgänge bei der Lungenphthise, München, 1922; Lymphatic bodies, the lane with it., M., 1928; Über die peptischen Schädigungen des Magendarmkanals, B. — Wien, 1929; Der appendizitische Anfall, seine Ätiologie und Pathogenese, B. — Wien, 1930; Modern problems of pathology, the lane with it., M. — L., 1932; Pathologische Anatomie, Bd 1 — 2, Jena, 1936; Zur normalen und pathologischen Anatomie des Greisenalters, B. — Wien, 1938.

Bibliography: Bencke R. Zur Erinnerung an Ludwig Aschoff, Med. Welt, S. 788, 1942; Koch, Ludwig Aschoff, Dtsch. med. Wschr., S. 785, 1942.

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