ASHMARIN Igor Petrovich

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ASHMARIN Igor Petrovich (sort. in 1925) — the Soviet biochemist, the member correspondent of AMH (1978), the winner of the State award USSR (1977). Member of the CPSU.

ASHMARIN Igor Petrovich

In 1947 ended VMA where is left to work. Since 1965 the department chair of biochemistry Leningrad un-that, and since 1975 the prof. of department of biochemistry of animals Moscow un-that.

I. P. Ashmarin published St. 130 scientific works, including 8 monographs devoted to questions of biochemistry of sokratitelny proteins of muscles, comparative biochemistry of chromatin of various fabrics, establishments of phylogenetic bonds of composition of chromosomal DNA of bacteria with ekol, features of the last and also to studying of antibacterial and anti-virus activity of cationic proteins of chromatin and lysosomes. I. P. Ashmarin with sotr. revealed cooperativity of effect of cationic proteins and the excreted enzymes of lysosomes that allowed to reconsider ideas of a role of an exocytosis in protective functions of leukocytes. He proved a hypothesis of evolutionary unity of various forms biol, memories and developed idea of participation in nek-ry forms of memory immunochemical, mechanisms, revealed influence of stimulators of an immunogenesis on a long-term memory.

Under its management the St. 30 theses, including 10 doctor's are prepared.

I. P. Ashmarin consists the member of presidium All-Union about-va biochemists and advisory council of VAK, the associate editor of the Biokhimiya magazine and the deputy of hl. editors of the «Evolutionary Biochemistry and Physiology» magazine; «Biochemistry» in 3 prod. is an editor of an edition of department. BME.

It is awarded by the Orders of Lenin, the October Revolution and medals.

Works: A number of biological features of bacteria is how closely connected with structure and content of DNA? in book: A structure of DNA and the provision of organisms in system, under the editorship of. A. N. Belozersky and A.S. Antonov, page 135, M., 1972 (sovm, with other); On the way to reconstruction of chromatin, in book: Usp. biol, chemical, under the editorship of B. N. Stepanenko of t. 14, page 76, M., 1973 (sovm, from Fedorova N. A.); About evolution of polymerases of nucleic acids, Zhurn, evolyuts. biochemical and fiziol., t. 10, No. 2, page 116, 1974; Riddles and revelations of biochemistry of memory, L., 1975; Inhibitors of synthesis of protein, L.’ 1975 (sovm, with Klyucharevy L. A.); Molecular biology, L., 1977.