ARUTYUNYAN Levon Asaturovich

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ARUTYuNYaN Levon Asaturovich

ARUTYUNYAN Levon Asaturovich (1903 — 1973) — the Soviet hygienist, the member correspondent of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1961), the honored worker of science of the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic (1956). The member of the CPSU since 1943.

After the termination of medical faculty Yerevan un-that (1927) also the manager is appointed the assistant to department of the general hygiene. dignity. - epid. department of the Yerevan zdravotdel. Since 1930 — the manager. department of hygiene of food Yerevan dignity. - a gigabyte. in-that and at the same time deputy chief dignity. - epid, managements Narkomzdrava of Armenia. In 1932 — 1934 — the department chair of hygiene of food, and since 1934 — the associate professor of the general hygiene a dignity. - a gigabyte. f-that Yerevan medical in-that. Since 1942 — the department chair of hygiene of food, since 1950 — the department chair of the general hygiene same in-that. L. A. Arutyunyan was the chief hygienist of the republic. He took active part in the organization Ying-that hygiene of the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic (1971).

L. A. Arutyunyan is the author of 103 scientific works, it is preferential in the field of hygiene of food. It for the first time in the republic studied food stuffs of a local origin and their hygienic assessment is given; bases of a balanced diet of patients are developed, the current state and perspectives of public catering of the population of Armenia are studied. Its scientific research on studying of local resources of vitamins is known. In the field of utility hygiene have great scientific and practical value developed by it a gigabyte. bases of experimental construction of residential and public buildings in climatic conditions of Armenia. The important place in its work was taken by studying of questions of history of hygiene of food and water supply of ancient and medieval Armenia. L. A. Arutyunyan was the chairman of the Island of hygienists and health officers of the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic. Also «the Sign of Honour» is awarded by the Orders of Lenin.

Works: Antiscorbutic properties of grape leaves, Vopr. pitas., t. 8, No. 2, page 54, 1939; Content of solanine in potatoes and its role in food poisonings, a yew., Yerevan, 1940; Some results of physiological assessment of foodstuff in the conditions of a chronic experiment, Vopr. pitas., t. 12, No. 5, page 23, 1953; Influence of meat of different extent of maturing on secretory and motive functions of a stomach, in the same place, t. 13, No. 2, page 20, 1954; Studying of physiological activity of some national dishes on kh to action on secretion of a stomach, Izv. AN Armyansk. SSR, biol, and with / hoz. sciences, t. 10, No. 11, page 93, 1957 (sovm. snikogosyan G. G.).

Bibliography: To the 60 anniversary since the birth of L. A. Arutyunyan, the Gigabyte. and dignity., No. 3, page 106, 1964.

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