ARUTYUNOV Alexander Ivanovich

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ARUTYUNOV Alexander Ivanovich

ARUTYUNOV Alexander Ivanovich (1904 — 1975) — the Soviet neurosurgeon, the academician of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1967), the honored worker of science of USSR (1954), Hera of Socialist Work (1974), the pupil N. A. Bogoraza and H. N. Burdenko. The member of the CPSU since 1940.

In 1929 graduated from medical faculty North Caucasian state un-that (Ro-722 stov - on - Don). From 1932 to 1941 worked in Moscow in-those neurosurgery. The participant of the Great Patriotic War — the chief surgeon of a number of fronts. In 1944 protected dokt. thesis.

Since 1945 managed department of neurosurgery Kiev in-that improvements of doctors. In 1950 headed the Ukrainian scientific research institute of neurosurgery organized by it. Since 1964 was the director Ying-that neurosurgery of H. N. Burdenko of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences.

A. I. Arutyunov possesses basic researches on a pathophysiology, clinic, diagnosis and surgical treatment of tumors, inflammatory damages of a brain and unsatiable pains.

He is an author more than 200 scientific works, including 4 monographs. Its works on surgical treatment of the getting wounds of a skull and late abscesses of a brain after them, and also fire damages of large vessels have great practical value. In the last two decades A. I. Arutyunov developed problems of surgical treatment of vascular defeats of c. N of page and clinical pathophysiology of cerebral circulation.

A. I. Arutyunov created school of neurosurgeons in Ukraine. It conducted a lot of work on the organization of neurosurgical service and coordination of scientific research for neurosurgery in our country, being the chief neurosurgeon of M3 of the USSR.

A. I. Arutyunov was the chairman of All-Union science medical foundation of neurosurgeons (since 1964), the chairman of the All-Union problem commission «Surgery of a nervous system».

In 1965 it was elected the first vice-president, and in 1969 — the honorary president of the World federation of science neurosurgical foundations. A. I. Arutyunov was deputy otv. editors of the section «Surgery» of the 3rd BME edition.

It is awarded by two Orders of Lenin, two awards of the Red Banner, two awards of the Labour Red Banner, an award of the Red Star and medals.

Works: Fire damages of large vessels and their surgical treatment, Kiev, 1949; Materials to the doctrine about hypostasis and brain swelling in clinic and an experiment, in book: To fiziol, to justification neyrokhir. operations, under the editorship of B. G. Egorov, page 197, M., 1954; Tuberkuloma of a brain, Kiev, 1959 (sovm, with other); The Total cerebral angiography, M., 1971 (sovm, with Korniyenko V. H.).

Bibliography: A. I. Arutyunov (to 60-le-tiyu since birth), Vopr. neyrokhir., century 1, page 63, 1964; Alexander Ivanovich Arutyunov is the founder of the Ukrainian neurosurgical school (to the 60 anniversary since birth), in book: Probl. neyrokhir., page 7, Kiev, 1964.

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