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ARPENAL (Arpenalum; joint venture. B) — cholinolytic substance. Dietilaminopropilovy ether of diphenyl-acetic acid hydrochloride; With 21 H 28 O 2 NCl:

White crystal powder, we will easily dissolve in water and alcohol, it is not ether-soluble also benzene.

And. has the blocking effect on nicotinosensitive holinoreaktivny structures of c. N of page and vegetative gangliyev; to a lesser extent counteracts muskarinopodobny effects acetylcholine (see). The spasmolysant works more for a long time and actively, than (see).

Drug is used at the diseases which are followed by increase in a tone of smooth muscles and hypersecretion — bronchial asthma, a peptic ulcer of a stomach and duodenum (especially in cases of disturbance of evakuatorny function of a stomach because of a pylorospasm), a spastic colitis, cholecystitises, hepatic and intestinal gripes; at nervous diseases — a parkinsonichesky syndrome and a small chorea, pyramidal paresis of various origin on a reduction stage of function (for decrease in a muscle tone).

And. appoint inside, subcutaneously and intramusculary. Doses select individually. An average single dose inside — 0,05 g, daily — 0,15 g. For stopping of attacks of gripes and bronchial asthma enter intramusculary or subcutaneously 1 ml of 5% of solution. At a peptic ulcer of a stomach and duodenum, diskineziya of bilious ways, etc. — on 1 — 2 ml of 2% of solution intramusculary or subcutaneously (or in 0,05 — 0,1 g) 2 — 4 times a day; course of treatment of 3 — 4 weeks. At diseases of c. N of page enter intramusculary or subcutaneously in the beginning 1 ml of 2 or 5% of solution, then a single dose increase 5% of solution to 2 ml. At overdose dizziness, feeling of intoxication (in connection with the central action), dryness in a mouth, disturbance of accommodation can develop (in connection with peripheral action). The feeling of intoxication and dizziness can be warned or weakened by means of caffeine (0,1 — 0,2 g caffeine-sodium benzoate inside or 1 ml of 20% of solution under skin).

And. it is contraindicated at glaucoma.

Forms of release: tablets on 0,05 g, 2 and 5% solutions in ampoules on 1 ml.

See also Cholinolytic substances .

Bibliography: Arpenal and experience of its clinical use, under the editorship of A.L. Mndzhoya-na, Yerevan, 1964, bibliogr.; Rysss.M. Quateronum, appenat also Gangleronum for treatment of a peptic ulcer, Yerevan, 1967.

O. M. Avakyan.