ARNSTEIN Karl Avgustovich

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ARNSTEIN Karl Avgustovich

ARNSTEIN Karl Avgustovich (1840 — 1919) — the Russian histologist, one of founders of domestic histology, the founder of the Kazan school of neurohistologists. In 1864 ended medical f-t of Derptsky un-that and it was sent to Germany. Studied histology, physiology and a stalemate. anatomy under the leadership of F. Reklingkhauzen, R. Virkhov. In 1867 returned to Russia and protected in Derpta (Tartu) dokt. the thesis «About scyphoid and aletocytes of intestines». Since 1868 — the prosector of department a stalemate. anatomy Kazan un-that, from 1872 to 1903 — professor of department of histology of the same university, and then more than 10 years — the research supervisor of histologic laboratory in Kazan un-those.

The main researches of K. A. Arnstein are devoted to studying of peripheral nerve terminations. It described a technique of identification of nervous elements by means of coloring by their solutions methylene blue with fixing of drugs the solutions containing iodine (1887).

A.S. Dogel, B. I. Lavrentyev, A. N. Mislavsky, etc. belong to the Kazan school of neurohistologists founded by K. A. Arnstein.

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