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ARNALDO DE Vilanova [Arnold from Arnaldo de Villanova, apprx. 1235 — apprx. 1311] — the doctor, the writer, the representative of the advanced medical schools of the Middle Ages — Salerno (Italy) and Montpellier (France). · Got a medical education in Salerno, Paris and Montpellier. It is long taught medicine in Montpellier. Developed Hippocrates's doctrine about observation at a bed of the patient and individual approach. In the conditions of domination of scholasticism was one of predecessors of clinical medicine. As the practical doctor enjoyed wide popularity. As opposed to medieval «polypragmasy» — use of drugs with a difficult compounding — used the simple, checked by experience pharmaceuticals. At the same time paid a tribute of astrology and alchemy. It was pursued by the inquisition considering by his heretic; escaped from prosecutions thanks to the fact that was a court doctor of the father, to-rogo cured of nephroliths. Devoted several years to diplomatic activity.

From the literary heritage of Arnaldo along with the guides to applied medicine of «Breviarium» («The short review») and «Parabolae» («Comparison») the most valuable work — poetic transposition (the beginning of 14 century) of practical manuals of the Salerno medical school 9 — 10 centuries of «Regimen Sanitatis Salernitanum» («The Salerno code of health»). In the code the system of the general healthy lifestyle — food, a dream, work, rest is stated. «The Salerno code» in Arnaldo's transposition was republished in many languages more than 200 times. Into Russian it is translated in verses by Yu. F. Schultz with notes of the translator, V. N. Ternovsky and Yu. F. Schultz's introductory article. The first collected works of Arnaldo (for lat. a language) it is published in Lyon (1504).

Works: Regimen Sanitatis Salernitanum, Salerno, 1480; The Salerno code of health, the lane from Latinas., M., 1970.

Bibliography: Ioffe M. I. and Cherfas L. M. The Salerno administration on health issues, in book: From history medical, under the editorship of P. I. Stradynya, etc., t. 3, page 197, Riga, 1960; Kovner S. History of medieval medicine, century 2, page 431, Kiev, 1897.

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