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ARMINUM (Arminum; joint venture. And) — antikholinesterazny substance. Ethyl para-nitrophenyl ether ethylphosphonew to - you, C 10 H 14 O 5 PN:

Liquid of yellow color, is not enough rastvorim in water, well a rastvorim in organic solvents.

On antikholinesterazny activity And. surpasses prozerin (see), pirofos (see), Phosphacolum (see). Drug has also direct cholinomimetic and adrenomimetichesky effect (see. Adrenomimetichesky means , Cholinomimetic substances ).

Apply And. as miotic and protivoglaukomny means; in certain cases it surpasses in efficiency Pilocarpinum (see). Drug appoint in the form of eye drops in concentration 1: 10 000 — 1: 20 000 (0,01 — 0,005% solution) on 2 drops 2 — 3 times a day. After an instillation And. it is necessary to press for 2 — 3 min. a finger area of a dacryocyst to prevent hit of solution to the lacrimal canal.

Form of release: 0,01% and 0,005% aqueous solution (eye drops) in bottles on 10 ml. Keep under the lock in the dry dark place.

See also Antikholinesterazny means .

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I. V. Zaikonnikova.