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ARKHANGELSK Vitaly Nikolaevich

The ARKHANGELSK Vitaly Nikolaevich (1897 — 1973) is the Soviet ophthalmologist, the member correspondent of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1952), the honored worker of science of RSFSR (1968). The member of the CPSU since 1941. Ended in 1922 medical f-t Moscow un-that where till 1938 worked in clinic of eye diseases under the leadership of the prof. V. P. Odintsov. Headed departments of eye diseases Kuibyshev medical in-that (since 1938), then Kiev medical in-that (since 1944) and the 1st MMI of I. M. Sechenov (1953 — 1971). In 1961-1971 — the chief ophthalmologist of M3 of the USSR.

V. N. Arkhangelsky is the author of 135 scientific works, including 3 monographs and 3 textbooks of eye diseases for students. Its scientific research was not limited only to questions of ophthalmology, a number of its works has all-biological value. In dokt. to the thesis (1937) it confirmed the theory about a mesenchymoplasty of an epithelium. He for the first time (1954) studied development of functions of an eye of the person in the conditions of their complications, defined a functional role of a choroid in the act of sight. Researches of the scientist on studying of the interstitial substance of a retina discovered them have great theoretical and practical value (1946). Its works allowed to explain the morphological nature of opacifications of a retina, to specify understanding of its structure and exchange processes in it. A number of researches is devoted to studying of a role of a nervous system in a pathogeny of eye diseases. The considerable number of its works concerns clarification of pathoanatomical essence of various disease processes of an eye. In this area the monograph «Morphological Bases of Oftalmoskopichesky Diagnosis» was result of thirty-year researches, edge it was conferred M. I. Averbakh's award (1961).

V. N. Arkhangelsky offered the original methods which are widely applied in ophthalmologic practice: hemotransfusion at eye diseases (1929); a method of closing of band cuts on a limb at eye operations by means of a conjunctival rag (1943); operations of diathermocoagulation of new growths of an iris of the eye (1956) and diathermocoagulation of a ciliary body at glaucoma (1957), etc.

Under its management 55 dissertation works, including 6 doctor's are protected.

V. N. Arkhangelsky since 1957 was the permanent chairman of the All-Union scientific island of ophthalmologists. It represented the Soviet ophthalmology abroad on the international and national congresses, congresses and conferences of ophthalmologists; Medical islands of Zemmelveys (Hungary, since 1968) and islands of ophthalmologists of GDR were the honorary member of the Czechoslovak medical island of Ya. Purkinye (since 1963) (since 1968). Was otv. editor of the Bulletin of Ophthalmology (1952 — 1965) magazine and multivolume management «Eye diseases» (1959 — 1962); he is an author and the editor of articles on «ophthalmology of a number of the Soviet medical encyclopedias (the 2nd prod. BME, Ezhegodnikov of BME and Small medical encyclopedia). U-00AB\the Sign of Honour», and also medals is awarded by the Orders of Lenin and \.

Works: Pigmental epithelium of a retina and epithelial leaves of a ciliary body and iris, normal and pathological anatomy, yew., M., 1937; About development of an eye and its functions in connection with development of an organism in unity with external environment, Vestn. oftalm., t. 33, century 6, page 3, 1954; Practical guidance on the pathological equipment for ophthalmologists, M., 1957; Interstitial substance of a retina and its value in processes of exchange and function of an eye of the person, Vestn. USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, No. 9, page 21, 1958; Morphological bases of oftalmoskopichesky diagnosis, M., 1960; Eye diseases, M., 1969.

Bibliography: Vitaly Nikolaevich Arkhangelsky, Vestn. oftalm., century 4, page 92, 1967; Vitaly Nikolaevich Arkhangelsky's Memories, in the same place, century 1, page 93, 1974; Professor V. N. Arkhangelsky, in the same place, century 5, page 59, 1957.

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