ARKHANGELSK Grigory Ivanovich

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ARKHANGELSK Grigory Ivanovich

ARKHANGELSK Grigory Ivanovich (1837 — 1899) — one of initiators of social hygiene in Russia, the progressive public figure. Graduated from the St. Petersburg medicochirurgical academy in 1860. In 1874 defended the dissertation about cholera epidemics in the European Russia in 1823 — 1872. The employee and the editor of «An epidemiological leaf (1870 — 1871)» and the «Archive of Forensic Medicine and Public Hygiene» magazine which was issued from 1865 to 1917 under different names. In 1881 — 1889 was a consultant of City Council of St.-Petersburg for medical questions, and then the consultative member of the Duma commission of public health. Together with S. P. Botkin developed system of the organization of free medical assistance for the needy population of St. Petersburg, edges it was approved by City Council. In the work «Life in St.-Petersburg according to Statistical Data» he proved that not the bad climate as it was approved earlier, and density and intolerable living conditions of poor segments of the population is the main reason for high mortality. This conclusion was confirmed further with F. F. Erisman's works.

G. I. Arkhangelsky organized fight against epidemics of cholera, typhus, diphtheria; participated in creation of city maternity shelters; was an initiator of attraction on city service of female doctors.

Works: Cholera epidemics in the European Russia during the 50-year period 1823 — 1872, a yew., SPb., 1874; Cholera in St. Petersburg in former years, SPb., 1892.

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