ARKHANGELSK Aleksandra Gavrilovna

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ARKHANGELSK Aleksandra Gavrilovna

ARKHANGELSK Aleksandra Gavrilovna (1851 — 1905) — the territorial doctor, one of pioneers of territorial surgery, the active public figure. In 1881 ended female medical courses at Medicochirurgical academy in St. Petersburg. Worked in surgical clinic of K. K. Reyer, then the territorial doctor in Nizhny Novgorod, and since 1883 — in the Moscow province. In 1885 in the village. Petrovsky the Vereysky County (nowadays Naro-Fominsk district) opened hospital, in a cut treated patients with surgical and eye diseases. The hospital had wide popularity.

A. G. Arkhangelskaya is an author over 50 printing works. In the press and at congresses supported development of the surgical help in rural territorial clinics. For the purpose of distribution of medical knowledge in the people wrote two books: «For what doctors do operations and what from that is advantage to the patient» and «First aid in accidents and at a sudden disease of people», to-ruyu L. N. Tolstoy edited.

And. G. Arkhangelskaya made at provincial congresses of doctors of the Moscow zemstvo reports on medical and sanitary business; participated in Pirogovsky congresses of doctors and in congresses of the Russian surgeons. At the 8th Pirogovsky congress (1902) at a meeting of section of surgery it was elected the Honorary Chairman.

Works: Fifty cases of a high lithotomy in territorial practice, the Doctor, No. 2, page 33, No. 3, page 73, No. 5, page 135, 1897; To a question of development of the surgical help in a zemstvo, Shurn. Islands of Russian doctors in Pirogov's memory, No. 2, page 99, 1901; About 1100 extraction of cataracts, the Russian doctor, t. 1, No. 42, page 1521, 1902; For what doctors do operations, L., 1926.

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