ARINKIN Mikhail Innokentyevich

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ARINKIN Mikhail Innokentyevich

ARINKIN Mikhail Innokentyevich (1876 — 1948) — the Soviet therapist-hematologist, one of founders of clinical hematology in the USSR; academician of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1945); honored worker of science (1940), lieutenant general of medical service.

In 1902 ended VMA and it was left for improvement at the academic therapeutic clinic. In M. I. Arinkin's formation as the clinical physician, the teacher and the scientist a big role were played by his heads — S. P. Botkin and N. Ya. Chistovich. In 1908 M. I. Arinkip was entitled the privatdozent, in 1912 was appointed the assistant to the academic therapeutic clinic, in 1919 the department chair of private pathology and therapy is elected, and since 1936 until the end of life headed department of faculty therapy of VMA of S. M. Kirov.

Scientific research of M. I. Arinkina are devoted to problems of hematology: to studying of an erythrogenesis, classification and therapy of anemias, acute leukoses and leukemoid tests; to the kliniko-hematologic characteristic hyper - and a hyposplenism, to a cytogenesis of cells of Berezovsky — Shternberg, to clinic of a lymphogranulomatosis, a condition of reticuloendothelial system at diseases of blood, etc.

Under its management problems of an air medicine, in particular adaptability of an organism to the lowered partial pressure of oxygen were successfully developed.

World recognition was gained by the original and simple method of a research of marrow offered scientists in 1927 — an intravital puncture of a breast (see. Sternal puncture ). This method considerably expanded possibilities of recognition and treatment of diseases of system of blood.

M. I. Arinkin published more than 75 works preferential concerning clinical hematology. For the monograph «Reticuloendothelial System at Diseases of Blood and the Hemopoietic Bodies» (1946) to it the State award is awarded.

Since 1918 he was the permanent member of board of the Leningrad scientific island of therapists of S. P. Botkin; in 1936 organized and headed hematologic section of this society; in 1947 it was elected the board member of the All-Union island of therapists of nanometer. S. P. Botkina.

Works: To pathology of nephrite, yew., SPb., 1905; Kliiika of diseases of blood and hemopoietic bodies, L., 1928; Reticuloendothelial system at diseases of blood and the hemopoietic bodies, L., 1946.

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D. Ya. Shurygin.