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ARGIROFILNOST (Greek argyros silver + philia tendency) — ability of fabric components to be painted (to be impregnated) in black or brown color by the metal silver which is dropping out of solutions of the silver salts used for impregnation. And. comes to light during the processing of cuts of fabrics across Bilshovsky, Ortega, Achukarro, Ranson and other methods of silvering with the subsequent influence of the reducing substance (formalin, hydrochinone, a tannin, etc.). And. it is characteristic for reticulin (see. Argyrophil fibers) and collagenic components of connecting fabric. Bilshovsky's method — Mares gives the clearest picture, but are quite suitable and also Foote, Vallgren, Snesarev's methods, etc. are widely applied (see. Silverings methods ). Histochemical value A. has no.

Property to be impregnated by silver depends on presence at a fabric component of SH-group, unsaturated fatty acids and other recovering substrates. And. it is necessary to distinguish from an argentaffinnost — abilities (on Romeysa) certain structural elements of fabric independently, without use of any reducer, to reduce solution of ammoniac silver (see. Argentaffin cells ).

A. N. Studitsky.