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ARGAYLL ROBERTSON SYNDROME — lack of forward and consensual reaction of pupils on light at its preservation on convergence and accommodation. It is described in 1869 by the Scottish ophthalmologist Argayll Robertson (Argyll Robertson, 1837 — 1909). In clinical practice the syndrome has exclusive value since in combination with other signs allows to diagnose syphilitic defeat of a nervous system (see. Back tabes , General paralysis ).

Are characteristic of Argayll Robertson's syndrome: a miosis (sometimes and a mydriasis), anisocorias, deformation of pupils, twosideness of pupillary disturbances, almost a constant of pupils within a day, weak action at a size of pupils of atropine, Pilocarpinum and partly cocaine at their instillation in eyes. Only a part of the specified signs is quite often observed.

A. R. page is caused by defeat of a parasympathetic pupillary innervation, hl. obr. an additional parasympathetic kernel of a third cranial nerve (Yakubovich's kernel — Vestfalya — Edingera), and sometimes and his fibers passing in a third cranial nerve or defeat of pretektalny area of a brain. At A. R. detection by the village it is necessary to collect carefully the anamnesis and to conduct clinical and laboratory examination of the patient on syphilis.

Relative disturbance of reaction of pupils to light is observed at a pupillotoniya — a unilateral mydriasis and extremely slow narrowing of a pupil (see. Psevdotabes ).

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V. A. Smirnov.