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ARENOVIRUSNY DISEASES — group of the prirodnoochagovy diseases caused by arenovirusa, proceeding with fever, intoxication, sometimes a hemorrhagic syndrome, and also defeat of various bodies and systems.

Lass's fever, a lymphocytic choriomeningitis, the Argentina and Bolivian hemorrhagic fevers concern to them (see. Lassa fever , Choriomeningitis lymphocytic , South American hemorrhagic fevers ).

Reference of the activator of a lymphocytic choriomeningitis in group of arenovirus happened recently. A source of a virus of a lymphocytic choriomeningitis are mice — Mus musculus. The disease is registered in the form of sporadic cases or small epidemic flashes. Meets almost everywhere.

The first messages on hemorrhagic fever on the American continent belong to 1953 when in Argentina the unknown disease proceeding with a toxic nephrosis, a leukopenia and enantemy was registered. By 1958 the disease was already rather studied and the disease-producing factor — the Junin virus is allocated. By this time in Bolivia similar, but more serious illness, the activator to-rogo — Machupo's virus was revealed — it was allocated in 1963. A virus etiology of the Bolivian hemorrhagic fever and given about rodents Caiomys callosus as a tank of a virus of Machupo in the nature are confirmed by the Soviet specialists (E. A. Tkachenko, M. P. Chumakov, etc., 1972, 1973; T. P. Povalishina, etc., 1972, 1973; E. V. Leshchinskaya, etc., 1972, 1973). Though viruses Junin and Machupo, as well as tanks of a virus — rodents — in Argentina and Bolivia differ from each other, nevertheless considerable similarity of epidemiology and clinic allows to carry both diseases in group of arenovirusny fevers and to combine them under the name of the South American hemorrhagic fevers.

In 1969 in the territory of Nigeria (in of Lass, and then in of Dzhoye) there were intrahospital flashes of the unknown before the disease which received the name of fever of Lass. To a crust, the virus nature of a disease (Lass's virus having antigenic affinity with a virus of a lymphocytic choriomeningitis) is established to time. As now it is revealed, except Nigeria, Liberia, Sierra Leone, a disease meets also in other countries of the Western Africa.

See also Arenovirusa .