ARCHPRIESTS Victor Pavlovich

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ARCHPRIESTS Victor Pavlovich

ARCHPRIESTS Victor Pavlovich (1880 — 1957) — the Soviet psychiatrist and the physiologist of higher nervous activity, the academician of AN of USSR (1945), zasl. scientist of USSR (1935).

Ended VMA in 1906, then a graduate military course under the leadership of V. M. Bekhterev. In 1909 protected dokt. the thesis on «About Combinative Motor Reaction on Sound Irritations». Since 1921 the department chair of psychiatry Perm, and in 1923 — 1944 — Kharkiv medical in-t; at the same time director of the Ukrainian scientific research institute of clinical psychiatry and social psychohygiene (1926 — 1929) and. manager. psychiatric clinic Psychoneurological in-that (1932 — 1941). From 1944 to 1957 the manager. department of pathology of century of N of in Ying-that physiology of AN of USSR and at the same time the head of a chair of psychiatry Kiev in-that improvements of doctors.

Studying of psychosomatic processes in their interrelation was the main direction of scientific activity of V. P. Protopopov. It developed patofiziol. the direction in psychiatry, in particular in the field of a pathogeny of schizophrenia and maniac-depressive psychosis (MDP are offered Them a hypothesis of the talamo-hypothalamic nature of MDP and a method of treatment of schizophrenia by a long dream, the principles of prevention of attacks of MDP p the guarding mode in psychiatric hospitals are developed. V. P. Protopopov's researches in the field of physiology promoted implementation in psychiatry of the doctrine of I. P. Pavlov about century of N of. It created an original technique of development of motive conditioned reflexes; researches of formation of motor skills and elementary abstractions at dogs and monkeys are conducted; the treatment fiziol, the bases of abstract thinking of the person is offered. The concepts «incentive barrier» which are put forward by it and «reaction of overcoming * have all-biological, and for the person — and social value.

V. P. Protopopov was the chairman of the Academic council of M3 of USSR, the chief psychiatrist of M3 of USSR, the editor of the Soviet Psychoneurology magazine.

It is awarded by the Orders of Lenin (two), Red Banners and medals.

Works: About combinative motor reaction on sound irritations, a yew., SPb. 1909; Psychology, reflexology and the doctrine about behavior, Kharkiv, 1929; Pathophysiological bases of rational therapy of schizophrenia, Kiev, 1946; The Research of higher nervous activity in a natural experiment, Kiev, 1950 (sovm with other); Chosen works, Kiev, 1961.

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P. V. Biryukovich.