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ARACHIDIC ACID (synonym: eicosanic to - that, eykozanmonokarbonovy to - that, n - nondekan - alpha carboxylic to - that) — natural limit fat to - that; CH 3 (CH 2 ) 18 COOH. Contains in the form of glycerides together with other fatty acids in pea-nut oil (Arachis hypogaea) from where received the name.

And. to. is also (but in trace amounts) a part of linen, soy, cabbage, cow oils, cocoa oil and many other seed and animal fats. Receive And. to. from oil of a peanut. And. to. crystallizes in the form of small brilliant leaflets; t°pl 75,4-77 °, t°kip of 328 °C insignificant decomposition (with a pressure of 18 mm of mercury. 240 — 250 °). Density 0,824. It is easily dissolved on air, chloroform, hot absolute alcohol.

And. to. finds application in the food and confectionery industry.

See also Fatty acids .