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ARABLE LANDS Enrik (Paschen Enrique, 1850 — 1936) — the German bacteriologist, professor (1913).


Got medical education in Heidelberg and Leipzig; doctor of medicine (1885). Worked as the assistant in St. George and Berlinskaya's Hamburg hospital to gynecologic clinic, and since 1890 in Hamburg smallpox in-those; from 1916 to 1930 — the director of this institute.

E. Pashen entered history of medicine as the researcher of smallpox. In 1906 it described very small kokkovidny little bodies in contents of vaccinal pustules of the person; found similar little bodies in contents of pustules at natural smallpox later. As these little bodies constantly came to light at smallpox and were agglutinated under the influence of specific serum, E. Pashen considered them the causative agent of natural smallpox. In confirmation etiol, roles of so-called elementary little bodies of Pashen M. A. Morozov's researches were of great importance, about the Crimea E. Pashen corresponded. E. Pashen made a big contribution to improvement of technology of preparation of a smallpox detritis. Was directly involved in fight against smallpox in Germany and Africa (1911).

AA. Arable lands — the author of extensive sections concerning smallpox and smallpox vaccination in a number of the multivolume guides to microbiology.

For big achievements in studying of smallpox E. Pashen was awarded by a gold medal of P. Ehrlich.

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