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APSHERON GROUP OF RESORTS — the seaside climatic and balneological resorts located on the Apsheron peninsula on zap. to the coast of the Caspian Sea in the Azerbaijani SSR, in 10 — 36 km from Baku (Bilgyakh, Buzovna, Zagulba, Mardakyan, Pirshaga, Surakhana, Tyurkyan, Shikhovo, Shuvelyan). All resorts And. to. are connected with Baku electrified. and highways.

Schematic card of an arrangement of the resorts of Absheron: 1 — balneological resorts; 2 — climatic resorts.

Climate of the Apsheron peninsula — dry subtropical; solar, very warm and dry summer (average temperature of August 25 °); soft winter with dominance of frost-free weather (average temperature of January 3 °); the fall is cold, with dominance of cloudy and rainy weather; the spring is early, short, with infrequent fogs. Average relative humidity the smallest in August (60%) and the greatest in December (76%). An average annual amount of precipitation of 232 mm, the smallest in June — August (7 mm) and the greatest in November (37 mm). Duration of sunshine in a year 2497 hours; strong winds — a so-called Baku north are frequent.

The main remedies of seaside climatic resorts — climate, sea bathings. A season of sea bathings in resorts of the Apsheron peninsula from May to October; beach melkopeschany. In balneological resorts there is water of mineral sources, therapeutic sulphidic highly mineralized silt mud of the lake Masazyr, located in 21 km to sowing. - zap. from Baku, and also Naphthalanum. Formula of chemical structure of a brine of the mud field:

Bilgyakh — the climatic seaside resort with the good melkopeschany beach, in 26 km from Baku. The message from Baku on. to the station Zagulba and further by bus (4 km); there are a cardiological sanatorium and boarding house; children's sanatorium and rest houses.

Buzovna — the climatic seaside resort in 32 km from Baku. There is a sanatorium for patients with diseases of a nervous system (with department for teenagers). The sanatorium has well equipped medical and diagnostic offices, a balneary; according to indications hydrosulphuric bathtubs in the resort of Surakhany where patients are brought by cars are appointed. Besides, in the resort numerous child care recreational facilities and a camp site function.

Zagulba — the climatic seaside resort near the resort of Buzovna. There is cardiological for adults also a children's antitubercular sanatorium, boarding house.

Mardakyan — the climatic seaside resort in 36 km from Baku.

Specialized sanatoria function: cardiological, neurologic, gastroenterological (treatment by bottle mineral waters); boarding house for ambulatories, resort policlinic. In sanatoria there are well equipped medical and diagnostic offices, balnearies, constructions for a klimatolecheniye, medical swimming pools. Also treatment is carried out by Naphthalanum and the pastes and ointments prepared from it. Persons in need in treatment by hydrosulphuric bathtubs are brought by bus in the Surakhansky balneolechebnitsa (in 18 km from sanatorium).

Pirshaga — the climatic seaside resort in 1,5 km from the sea, is located in 25 km from Baku; there are recreational child care facilities.

Surakhana — the balneological resort in 19 km to sowing. - vost. from Baku. Remedies — sulfide waters with a hydrogen sulfide content from 80 to 200 mg/l and a considerable mineralization (to 24 g/l), and also therapeutic mud from the lake Masazyr.

Formula of chemical composition of water of one of sources:

There is a balneolechebnitsa. Use bathtubs also sick sanatoria of the resorts of Mardakyan and Buzovna.

Tyurkyan — the climatic seaside resort in the southern part of the Apsheron peninsula. There are child care recreational facilities.

Shikhovo — the seaside balneological resort in 10 km from Baku, near the settlement of Hanlar. Remedies — thermal hydrosulfide waters with the small content of iodine and bromine.

Formula of chemical composition of water (well No. 1334):

There are a bathing building, the medical swimming pool.

Shuvelyan — climatic seaside resort, continuation of the resort of Mardakyan. There are children's therapeutic sanatoria and a pioneer camp.

Numerous child care recreational facilities are located as well in seaside medical areas: Govsana, Nardaran, Novkhana. In Baku is Research in-t of balneology and physical methods of treatment of S. M. Kirov; tasks of institute include scientific justification of use of medical factors of resort areas of Azerbaijan and implementation of the scientific leadership in resort matter in the republic.

Indications for treatment in climatic resorts: diseases of a respiratory organs of not tubercular character, functional frustration of a nervous system, a disease of cardiovascular system with a circulatory unefficiency not higher than I and IIA of a stage. For treatment in specialized sanatoria (a cardiological, neurologic and gastroenterological profile) special indications are established. The same treats children's and antitubercular sanatoria.

Treatment in the balneological resorts of Surakhany and Shikhovo is shown at diseases of a musculoskeletal system of not tubercular character, peripheral and the central nervous system, by diseases of a female genital and skin. In the resort of Surakhany also treatment of patients with diseases of cardiovascular system with a circulatory unefficiency not above IIA of a stage is shown. In more detail indications and contraindications — see. Sanatorium selection , table.

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