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APOSTOLOVICH Ivan (1730 — 1770) — the Serbian doctor. Was born in Budim (about Dubrovnik). The medicine was studied in Vienna by un-those and Gallet (Germany). Among his teachers there was G. van Swieten — the famous Dutch scientist, the founder of so-called old Vienna clinical school.

I. Apostolovich worked in Hungary as the city doctor. Successfully fought against epidemic of plague (area Segedina). In 1757 defended in Halle the dissertation «About ways of impact of sincere passions on a human body». In this work, based on achievements modern to it physiology and pathology and on own clinical experience, I. Apostolovich aimed to establish interrelation between physical condition and mental processes in an organism. Processes of thinking and function of sense bodys, in his opinion, are connected with the movement of nervous fluids (or «nervous current») that in turn is depending on influences of external environment, and also from age, sex, temperament. When conditions for the normal movement of nervous current are violated, there are diseases. Proceeding from the all-pathological views, I. Apostolovich described clinic of circulatory disturbances and a number of psychological diseases. The provisions which are contained in I. Apostolovich's thesis confirm a materialistic orientation of his views. It was one of the first, indicated a role disturbances of mentality and a nervous system in developing of a disease. Its all-pathological views can be considered one of preceding the ideas nervosism (see).

Works: Dissertatio inauguratis medicophilosophica exhibens modum quo affectus animi in corpus humanum agunt generatim, Halae, 1757.

A. G. Lushnikov.