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APOMORPHINUM (Apomorphinum) — emetic substance. In medical practice it is applied in a look Apomorphini Hydrochloridum (Apomorphini hydrochloridum; synonym Apomorphinum hydrochloricum; GFH, joint venture. And); With 17 H 17 NO 2 • HCl • 3 / 4 H 2 O:

White, slightly grayish or yellowish crystal powder, we will difficult dissolve in water (1:60) and alcohol, turns green under the influence of air and light.

And. has selective exciting effect on the emetic center, i.e. treats emetic substances of the central action.

Apply And. for treatment of acute poisonings with the poisons accepted inside, and food poisonings, especially when the gastric lavage is impossible. The drug is administered subcutaneously on 0,2 — 0,5 ml of 1% of solution (0,002 — 0,005 g), to children 2 years — on 0,1 — 0,3 ml (0,001 — 0,003 g) are more senior. Vomiting begins in a few minutes after an injection. To children up to 2 years And. do not appoint. Solution A. prepare ekh tempore since at storage it quickly turns green and loses activity; for stabilization add 0,1 N salt brine to - you (on 1 ml on 100 ml of 1% of solution A.), will sterilize by tindallization. Very seldom And. use as an expectorant in the form of mixture. The adult appoint 0,001 — 0,005 g, to children — on 0,0005 — 0,0025 g in. The highest doses for adults: one-time inside — 0,01 g, subcutaneously — 0,005 g; daily inside — 0,03 g, subcutaneously — 0,01 g.

And. sometimes apply to elaboration of uslovnoreflektorny reaction of disgust for alcohol at treatment of patients with an alcoholism: subcutaneously enter a dose And., the vomiting (0,25 — 0,5 ml) causing in the patient, then in a few minutes suggest to drink a small amount of vodka (30 — 50 g); elaboration of negative reaction requires 25 — 30 combinations.

And. it is contraindicated at a peptic ulcer of a stomach and duodenum, at a corrosive burn of a stomach, at a serious illness of heart, an open form of a pulmonary tuberculosis, at senile age.

At poisoning with drugs, alcohol, hypnotic drugs, aminazine and other central depressants And. does not work.

Form of release: powder. Keep under the castle in well corked banks from orange glass.

See also Expectorants , Vomitives .

N. A. Kruglov.