APATI Istvan

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APATI Istvan (Stefan) [Apathy Istvan (Stefan), 1863 — 1922] — the Hungarian morphologist-zoologist; member Hungarian AN (1898).

In 1885 ended medical f-t Budapest un-that. From 1886 to 1888 went in for applied medicine. Since 1888 — the assistant, and further the privatdozent Budapest un-that. Since 1890 — the teacher, later professor of histology and a comparative anatomy of Kolozhvarsky (Klauzenburgsky) un-that, then professor of university in Szeged (Segedin).

The main works of I. Apati are devoted to studying of a microscopic structure of muscular and especially nervous tissue. It studied a form, a structure and relationship of neurofibrilla in a nervous cell and its shoots. It one of creators of the neurofibrillar theory, on a cut of neurofibrilla are a morphological and functional unit of nervous tissue. Together with the Beta (A. T. of Bethe), etc., as opposed to supporters of the neural theory, I. Apati put forward a concept of neurofibrillar network («nevropil»). It published also important works on various questions of the microscopic equipment.

I. Apati is known also as the talented poet, the writer and the publicist.

Works: Die Mikrotechnik der tierischen Morphologie, eine kritische Darstellung der mikroscopischen Untersuchungsmethoden, Abt. 2, Lpz., 1901; Bemerkungen zu den Ergebnissen Ramon at Cajals hinsichtlich der feineren Beschaffenheit des Nervensystems, Anat. Anz., Bd 31, S. 481, 523,1907.

Bibliography: Lavrentyev B. I. Theory of neuron and its modern criticism, Zhurn. ekspery. medical, t. 1, No. 1, 1928; Biographisches Lexikon der hervorragenden Ärzte, hrsg. v. I. Fischer, Bd 1, S. 34, B. — Wien, 1932.

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