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APATHY (Opatija; old name Abbation) — the climatic seaside resort in SFRYu. It is located in Croatia, on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, in 14 about to the West from the port city of Rijeka, on east coast of the peninsula of Istria.

The lake — one of the oldest and known resorts of Yugoslavia. From the northwest it is protected from cold winds by the mountain Uchka (1396 m above sea-level) and the hill Veprinets (508 m to Ur. m). Climate of the Mediterranean type. The summer is very warm, solar (average monthly temperature of July 22,3 °), winter soft (average monthly temperature of January 8e). Rainfall apprx. 1680 mm, number of hours of sunshine in a year 2230. Annual average relative humidity of air of 78%. In the resort plentiful subtropical vegetation, well-planned beaches. Lech. factors: sea bathings, solar, air bathtubs.

In the resort the Center of thalassotherapy connected about medical f-volume un-that in Rijeka functions. In the center there are clinical and polyclinic departments of cardiology, orthopedics, rheumatology and dermatology, a balneary where patients accept the heat sea, artificial carbonic and radonic baths prepared on sea water.

Indications. Diseases of cardiovascular system, disease of a respiratory organs of not tubercular character, disease of skin, musculoskeletal system, exchange diseases

V. V. Poltoranov.