ANUCHIN Dmitry Nikolaevich

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ANUCHIN Dmitry Nikolaevich

ANUCHIN Dmitry Nikolaevich (1843 — 1923) — the Russian anthropologist, the geographer, the ethnographer and the archeologist, the academician, professor.

D. N. Anuchin took part in the organization of the Russia's first anthropological institutions: Anthropological exhibition (1879) and Anthropological museum Moscow un-that. He organized and headed in Moscow un-those department of anthropology (1919) and Research institute of anthropology (1922).

The main works of D. N. Anuchin on anthropology are devoted to anomalies of a skull of the person, geographical distribution of growth, etc. He protected the provision on specific unity of mankind, opposed racism, promoted development of theory of evolution during the studying of a problem of anthropogenesis. D. N. Anuchin made for promoting in Russia of theory of evolution and anthropology much, wrote many popular scientific books.

D. N. Anuchin was a president (since 1890). Societies of fans of natural sciences, anthropology and ethnography, a cut for a number of decades was the main scientific center of domestic anthropology. He participated in the organization of congresses of scientists and doctors. After 1917 along with scientific work D. N. Anuchin took part in work of the State Planning Committee, Narkompros and other Soviet institutions.

Works: About some anomalies of a human skull and it is preferential about their distribution on races, M., 1880; About geographical distribution of growth of male population of Russia, SPb., 1889.

Bibliography: Bogdanov V. V. Dmitry Nikolaevich Anuchin (1843 — 1923), M., 1940, bibliogr.; Levin M. G. Sketches on stories of anthropology in Russia, M., 1960.

M. G. Levin.