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ANTROSKOPIYA (Latin antrum a cave, a cavity + grech, skopeö to consider, investigate; synonym: gaymoroskopiya, sinusoskopiya) — endoscopy of a genyantrum with the help antroskopa.

On an endoscopic picture of a genyantrum judge the nature of its defeat at acute, subacute and hron, inflammatory diseases (polypostural, allergic etc.). The modern optics provides an opportunity at And. to see an inner surface of walls of an adnexal bosom, to photograph it and under control of sight to carry out a biopsy.

Antroskop (gaymoroskop) — the endoscope for survey and a biopsy of walls of a maxillary adnexal bosom of a nose. In 1902 F. L. Reichert offered the tool for survey of a bosom which called antroskopy. In the 50th years a number of authors offered advanced A. V to the USSR in 1954 Ya. V. Aleksashin offered the endoscope for a research of a genyantrum designed on the basis of the children's cystoscope. In All-Union research in-those medical instrument making in 1963 it was developed antroskop, called gaymoroskopy. For a puncture of a Highmore's bosom the trocar with the stylet pointed at the working end serves. Outer diameter of a sleeve of a trocar of 3,8 mm, working length — 100 mm. After local anesthesia a trocar through the closing nasal stroke make a puncture of a medial wall of a Highmore's bosom and delete a stylet. The optical tube with a viewing angle 90 ° is entered into a bosom through a sleeve and allows to examine sidewalls of a bosom at rotation of a tube on 360 °. On the distal end of a tube the tiny electric bulb of side lighting is located. The bulb strengthened on a core and then an optical tube with a viewing angle 180 ° can be entered into a bosom through a sleeve previously. The tool for carrying out a biopsy consisting of spoons with keen edges, a flexible core and scissors handles is entered through a side branch pipe of a sleeve together with the special device containing the managed elevator, thanks to Krom the tool can be bent under different corners in a cavity. The sleeve has a cone for accession to the syringe during the washing of a bosom and administration of medicinal substances. In antroskopa. made in recent years, instead of filament lamps in optical tubes the fiber glass transferring «cold light» from a stationary light source is used (see. Endoscopy , endoscopes).

A. G. Likhachev, H. M. Khokhlova