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ANTROPUNKTION (Latin antrum a cave, a cavity + punctio a prick, a puncture) — a puncture of a cave of a mastoid with the diagnostic and medical purpose. Technique And. A. I. Kolomiychenko (1941), the Link (R. Link, 1948), by G. A. Chernyavsky (1950), etc. is developed. And. make to children to 2-year age; with the diagnostic purpose apply to identification of latent forms antrita (see), with the medical purpose — it is preferential in cases when antrit it is combined with dysentery or toxic dyspepsia.

The child is hardly swaddled, stacked on a back. The head it is turned a sore ear up. Define the place in Coca of a needle; it is directly under the temporal line otstupya on 2 — 3 mm of a kzada from the place of an attachment of an auricle, it is slightly lower than the level of an upper wall of outside acoustical pass. The thick needle having a gleam not less than 1 mm is established normally to the surface a mastoid, then slowly entered through soft tissues and a bone on depth of 0,5 — 1 cm until its end fails in a cavity. For control of correctness of introduction of a needle (if blood is not emitted) some specialists suggest to blow it (and a tympanic cavity) air from the syringe.

Free passing of air testifies to the correct provision of a needle. Allocation of a significant amount of blood says that the needle got to a sigmoid sine.

By means of the syringe suck away contents of an antrum. Availability of pus indicates inflammatory process (the pus received at suction is directed to a research). In antrum (and a needle) from a nasopharynx slime as a result of the formed depression in tympanic cavities at suction of contents of an antrum can get. Therefore availability of slime has no essential diagnostic value.

With the medical purpose make washing of tympanic cavities through a needle isotonic solution of sodium chloride, disinfecting drugs, antibiotics. At the time of washing the head of the child shall be located so that the nasopharynx was below an antrum. If necessary And. make repeatedly.

Some specialists make And. through outside acoustical pass. However, according to Brown (T. Braun, 1960), at the same time can occur the shift or dislocation of an anvil.

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Yu. B. Preobrazhensky.