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ANTISHOCK LIQUIDS (synonym hemodynamic liquids) — the means having property to eliminate disturbances of a hemodynamics and to lower sensitivity of a nervous system to painful irritants at various depressed cases.

Item., applied during the Great Patriotic War, represented isotonic salt solutions, to the Crimea added glucose, hypnotic drugs, cordial and anesthetics. Such Items. quickly leave a blood channel therefore their hemodynamic effect is short. Administration of these liquids gave good therapeutic effect only at shock of an easy form. At moderately severe shock positive effect from use of the Item. lasted not for long, and then symptoms appeared again shock (see). For extension and strengthening of action of the Item. added to them 10% of the whole blood taken directly from the donor (Petrov's liquid) or 20% of blood serum (serotransfuzin TsIPK). Now for treatment of shock of various origin use drugs on the basis of a dextran (e.g., Polyglucinum, reopoliglyukin, etc.) and drugs on the basis of gelatin (e.g., Gelatinolum).

See also Blood-substituting liquids .

Bibliography: See bibliogr. to St. Blood-substituting liquids , Shock .

I. I. Deryabin, A. I. Chalganov.