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ANTIRETICULAR CYTOTOXIC SERUM (ATsS, serum of the Pilgrim) — serum of an animal (horse), immunizirovanny tissue of a spleen and marrow of the person. ATsS contains cytotoxins (see) — antibodies, active in relation to cells of these bodies containing the ground mass of active elements of connecting body tissue (see. Reticuloendothelial system ). ATsS is offered by A. A. Bogomolts (see) for the purpose of stimulation of activity of system of connecting body tissue when its functions (trophic, plastic, protective) are weakened at development of this or that pathological process.

Action of ATsS was studied on animals at use of the serum received at immunization by the tissues of rabbits, mice and other laboratory animals stated above. At the same time it was shown that serum in small doses strengthens products of antibodies, phagocytal reaction, body resistance at an infection and development of malignant tumors, accelerates healing of wounds and fractures of bones; big doses of this serum suppress activity of system of connecting fabric. After check of effect of serum in an experiment in laboratory A. A. Bogomoltsa by immunization of horses tissue of a spleen and marrow of accidentally died almost healthy people prepared ATsS for a clinical use. Introduction of the small (stimulating) doses of ATsS strengthens trophic, plastic and protective functions of connecting tissue of the sick person. Use of ATsS is experienced at the most various diseases at which reactivity of an organism is lowered (see). Especially reasonablly use of ATsS at is long not healing ulcers and wounds, in the presence of slowly resolving inflammatory centers. ATsS is manufactured in the USSR (in Kiev in-those microbiology and virology) and in a number of the countries abroad.

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I. M. Neumann.