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ANTIPARASITICS — pharmaceuticals for treatment of patients with parasitic diseases.

P.'s most receive page in the synthetic way. To respectively three groups of parasitic diseases (protozooza, helminthoses and akaroentomoza) pages divide P. on anti-protozoan, helminthicides (see) and means for treatment of akaroentomoz. Some P. the villages having high biol activity, render both anti-protozoan, and anthelmintic action; e.g., derivatives of acridine apply at malaria and tsestodoza, derivative 4 aminoquinolines — at malaria and trematodoza.

A number P. of page possess not only the all-biological effect Directed chemotherapeutic, but also expressed, are antiinflammatory (derivatives of acridine, 4 aminoquinolines, to a certain extent derivatives of benzimidazole), influence immunity (derivatives of an imidazole, a nitroimidazole. benzimidazole), and also are characterized by ability to suppress activity of enzymes of both a parasite, and the owner (derivatives of a nitroimidazole).

Anti-protozoan means include big group of antimalarial means (see). Apply complex compounds of antimony to treatment of patients with a leushmaniosis (see. Solusurminum ), and at a skin leushmaniosis also monomitsiv and Amphotericinum of Century. Patients with the African trypanosomiasis are treated derivatives of urea and pentavalent arsenic, patients with the American trypanosomiasis — derivatives of nitrofuran (see. Nitrofurans ). At a toxoplasmosis use the drugs used at malaria — derivative a pyrimidine Chloridinum (see) and streptocides of the prolonged action (see. Sulfanamide drugs ). At intestinal protozoan invasions widely use derivatives of a nitroimidazole, e.g. metronidazole, active at all forms of an amebiasis, a balanthidiasis, at a giardiac invasion, and also a hydrochloride of emetine (see. Emetin ); at hron. forms of an amebiasis and a tsistovydeleniya — derivatives iodsulfonic to - you are Chiniofonum (see).

Among helminthicides are most effective at nematodoses — derivatives of a karbamatbenzimitazol; they affect also larval forms of an echinococcus and on a cysticercus. Widely apply, besides, derivatives of piperazin (see) and an imidazole (see), and also Kombantrinum (pirantel). At tsestodoza effectively derivative salitsilamidaa phenasal (see). Extract of a men's fern (see. Fern men's ) in connection with its toxicity to apply with care. At trematodoza of a liver appoint hloksit.

For treatment of patients akariazam (see. Akariaz ), e.g. a mange, uses Vilkinson's ointment (see. Vilkinsona ointment ), 60% solution of sodium thiosulphate, etc.; for treatment of patients of an entomozama, e.g. ftiriazy, apply white mercury ointment (see. Mercury , drugs); at a pediculosis — 5% ointment of methylacetophos.

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H. H. Ozeretskovskaya.