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ANTINUCLEAR PROTECTION (PYAZ) — a complex operational and tactical p the special events held for the purpose of prevention or the maximum weakening of the striking action of nuclear weapon on staff of troops, the population, farm animals and a plant. Protection of people includes: carrying out a radiation survey, observation and the notification for the warning of sudden nuclear attack; definition of character and scale of use by the opponent of nuclear weapon; use of individual and collective means of protection (see. Individual means of protection , Collective means of protection ); use of radio protective agents (see. Radioprotectors ); rendering medical aid by the victim and carrying out deactivation of clothes, means of protection, equipment, arms, etc. (see. Deactivation ). Protection of page - x. animals it is provided: their shelter in the pressurized rooms or dispersal by small groups on the area; use of radioprotectors, carrying out vt. processings and treatments of animals, creation of stocks of forages and waters. Protection of plants is reached by mitigation of consequences of radioactive infection.

Antinuclear protection is included a component into a complex of the events held on protection against weapons of mass destruction (see. Protection against means of war of defeat ).

See also Antiactinic protection .

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