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ANTIMONYL-SODIUM TARTRATE (Stibio-natrium tartaricum; synonym: Natrium tartaricostibium, vinnosurmyanonatriyevy salt; joint venture. B) — helminthicide, C 4 H 2 O 6 SbNa • 2,5H 2 O:

White crystal powder, we will dissolve in water. Apply to treatment of shistosomatoz. Enter only into a vein (slowly, no more than 2 ml in 1 min.) in the form of the sterilized 1% of freshly cooked solution in isotonic solution of sodium chloride from 5% solution of glucose. There are several schemes of treatment And. - N of t.

1. The course consists of 20 daily injections: one-time (and daily) a dose — 1 — 4,2 mg on 1 kg of weight of the patient. A dose on a course of treatment — 24 mg on 1 kg of weight of the patient, but not above an absolute dose — 1,3 g; in order to avoid by-effects after 10 — the 11th injection the dose is reduced, and from the 16th injection raised again. Appoint to the first injection (to the patient weighing 60 kg) 5 ml of 1% of solution of drug, on 2 — the 11th — on 7 ml, on 12 — the 15th — on 5 ml and on 16 — the 20th — on 7 ml.

2. Daily or every other day enter 1% solution A. - N of t. in the accruing doses — from 0,03 to 0,1 g (one-time, they are daily allowance, doses); a dose of drug on a course of treatment — 1 — 1,5 g (100 — 150 ml). Course of treatment — apprx. 1 month

3. Duration of treatment of 1 — 2 day (intensive method), a course consists of 3 or 6 injections of 1% of solution of drug on 3 injections in bucketed day 3 hours. A single dose for adult 0,06 — 0,15 g.

By-effects: nausea, vomiting, mialgiya, arthralgias, fever, damages of a myocardium, enanthesis.

Contraindications: cardiovascular diseases, neshistosomatozny diseases of a liver, disease of kidneys, exhaustion, senile age, pregnancy, periods.

At intoxication drug is cancelled, appoint Unithiolum, cardiovascular means, at vomiting — codeine, at emergence of an enanthesis — antihistaminic drugs. Form of release: powder.

See also Helminthicides .

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H. H. Plotnikov.