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ANTIMICROBIC MEANS (grech, anti-against + mikros small, small + b[ios] life) — the substances applied to destruction or a delay of reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms. Ampere-second., detaining reproduction of microorganisms, call bakteriostatikam, Ampere-second., causing death of microorganisms (bacteria) — bactericides, Ampere-second., causing death a controversy — sporocytes. Virulitsida — the drugs causing an inactivation of virus particles.

Only those Ampere-second have Virulitsidny activity., who enter connection with proteins of DNA or RNA of virus particles. Haloids and galoidosoderzhashchy connections, formaldehyde, propiolactone, peroxyacetic to - that belong to such substances. Fenolproizvodny connections and poverkhnostnoaktivny substances have poorly expressed virulitsidny activity.

Mechanism of action of Ampere-second. on microorganisms it is various: one break biosynthesis of protein, cause its denaturation, others affect fermental systems, the third change permeability of a cell membrane. So, haloids — chlorine - and iodinated drugs, hydrogen peroxide work as oxidizers; phenol and its derivatives cause coagulation of proteins of a cell; salts of heavy metals form with proteins of a cell water-insoluble albuminates etc.

Ampere-second., causing death of pathogenic microorganisms in the environment, use for disinfection of allocations of the infectious patient, the objects contaminated by it (ware, linen, toys), and also water and the soil. Ampere-second. this group shall be dissolved well in water or mix up with it, their activity shall change a little depending on pH of the environment, availability of organic matters; to be resistant at storage; not to possess a pungent smell and to be rather safe for people. Chlorine, lime chloride, sodium hypochlorites and calcium, chloroamine, sulfokhlorantin, sodium and potassium salts dichlorisocyanuric to - you, spirits of iodine and iodophors, formaldehyde, propiolactone, hydrogen peroxide, phenol, lysol, benzylphenol, quaternary ammonium compounds, amfotenzida is in practice used.

The listed connections, except for two last, possess not only bactericidal, but also sporotsidny properties.

To Ampere-second. also antibiotics and various chemotherapeutic means, fungicides and phytoncides belong.

See also Antiseptic agents , Bactericidal materials , Disinfection , Desinfectants .

T. I. Istomina.