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ANTIKHOLESTERINEMICHESKY MEANS (grech, anti-against + cholesterol + grech, haima blood) — the substances promoting decrease in level of cholesterol in blood.

To Ampere-second. various natural and synthetic compounds belong. On the mechanism of action they can be divided into the following groups: 1) substances, slowing down absorption of cholesterol from went. - kish. a path — beta sitosterol (see), Diosponinum (see), holestiramin ; 2) substances, slowing down biosynthesis of cholesterol — some derivatives acetic to - you (tsetamifen) and other chemical compounds (e.g., triparanol); 3) substances, the accelerating disintegration and removal of lipids from an organism linaetholum (see), arakhiden and other unsaturated fatty acids, d-thyroxine, heparin (see). The Gipokholesterinemichesky effect causes also nicotinic to - that (see Niacin as drug). Under its influence the content in blood of triglycerides, cholesterol, β-and пре-β-липопротеидов, having atherogenous properties decreases. The main thing in the mechanism of its action is, apparently, braking of mobilization of not esterified fatty acids and as a result of it oppression of education in a liver of triglycerides and lipoproteids. The moderate gipokholesterinemichesky effect is caused by lipotropic substances — lecithin (see. Letsitina , use in medicine), sincaline and methionine (see. Metionin , as drug); effect of these substances is shown by hl. obr. at a lack of phospholipids of an organism. Some Ampere-second. influence the different parties of lipidic exchange. E.g., Clofibratum (Miscleronum, Atheromidum C) increases oxidation of cholesterol mitochondrions of a liver [D.Kritchevsky et al.], blocks education in a liver пре-β-липопротеидов and slows down biosynthesis of cholesterol in a liver. Efficiency of Ampere-second. depends on degree of a hypercholesterolemia and type of a giperlipoproteinemiya (tab). The last is especially important since atherosclerosis is noted at certain types of a giperlipoproteinemiya that needs to be considered at the choice of drug.

Ampere-second. cause temporary gipokholesterinemichesky effect: after drug withdrawal the level of cholesterol gradually is returned to blood to initial. In this regard some A.c. apply it is long — within several months or 2 — 3 times a year within 1 — 2 month. Treatment of Ampere-second. carry out along with a dietotherapy.

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A. H. Klimov.