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ANTIGAS PROTECTION (PHZ) — a complex of the events held for protection of staff of troops, the population and farm animals from the striking action of chemical weapon and plants from herbicides. Protection of people includes: chemical investigation, observation and the notification for the warning of sudden chemical attack; indication of the toxic agents applied by the opponent; use individual (gas masks, protective clothes) and collective (shelter) means of protection; use of a first-aid antigas kit (see), preventive and to lay down. antidotes (see. Antidotes of OV ); rendering medical aid by the victim and carrying out decontaminations (see) regimentals, means of protection and arms. Protection of page - x. animals it is provided: contents them in a spa

tsialno the prepared rooms and evacuation from the center of chemical infection; use of antidotes, carrying out vt. processings and treatment of animals. Protection of plants is reached by use of grades of page, steady against herbicides, - x. cultures, use of special crop rotations and improvement of care of crops.

PHZ logs in a component of actions for protection against weapons of mass destruction (see. Protection against means of war of defeat , Individual means of protection , Collective means of protection ).

V. N. Zhizhin.