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ANTI-INVASINUM (grech, anti-against + lat. invasio attack, invasion) — the nonspecific inactivator of hyaluronidase. For the first time this factor is found by Haas (E. Haas, 1946) in a normal blood plasma of mammals, birds and fishes. Destroying hyaluronidase, And. interferes with an invasion of pathogenic bacteriums therefore anti-Invasinum received the name.

On the basis of studying of properties of this factor — conditions of a denaturation and kinetics of reaction with hyaluronidase — Haas carried it to enzymes. Matthews and Dorfman (M. of Mathews, A. Dorfman, 1955) spoke against the euzymatic nature of serumal inhibitor.

In the light of modern representations anti-Invasinum described by Haas should be considered as nonspecific inhibitor of hyaluronidase (see) which contains in a blood plasma of the most part of mammals and represents a protein about a pier. it is powerful apprx. 100 000; belongs to a class of mucoproteins. Content of this inhibitor in a blood plasma of animals can change at various diseases. In blood serum of cancer patients new inhibitor of hyaluronidase which is absent in normal serum of healthy people is found [Fischer-Shafazh (V. of Fiszer-Szafarz), 1968]. Along with nonspecific inhibitors in serum of the person there can be specific antibodies against hyaluronidases of some cocci, especially streptococci. Credits of these antibodies increase after the infection caused by the corresponding microorganisms.

See also Inhibitors .

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