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ANTHROPOMORPHOUS APPROACH in cybernetics (grech, anthröpos of people of +morphe a look, an image) — a way of creation of the devices or systems approximately reproducing these or those functions of the person. In a crust, time for these purposes technical means are used, and And. the item comes down to repetition, with an accuracy, achievable by means of these means, some structural, geometrical, athletic, information or other ability or features of a human body.

Typical example of use And. items can serve modern designs of manipulators, the robots intended for reproduction of some motive functions of extremities of the person and it is reached by modeling in designs of similar cars of structure and kinematic properties upper (in manipulators, robots) or the lower extremities (in the pedipulators walking cars) the person, a musculoskeletal system of a vertebrate animal.

Though modern means give the chance only roughly to model only some signs of a live prototype, And. the item and under these conditions is fruitful and is widely used in a number of the industries of the equipment. Possibly, it is possible to expect that And. the item will be even more effective when along with technical it is possible to use physical. - chemical and biological methods and means.

A. E. Kobrinsky.