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ANTHRACOSIS OF SKIN (anthracosis cutis; grech, anthrax, anthrakos coal + - osis) — adjournment of coal dust in skin; the most widespread kind of a dermatokonioz (implementation of any kind of dust in skin).

And. to. it is observed at miners (coalminers, combine operators, operators of coal cutters), firemen. The most fine acute particles of coal injure epidermis, are postponed in a derma without the inflammatory phenomena in the form of black points and give to skin flaky-gray color — a so-called professional tattoo. K A. to. carry also the «powder spots» appearing owing to implementation of particles of coal at shots or explosions at a short distance from the victim.

Treatment — dermabrasion (see. Cosmetics ). Prevention — observance a dignity. - a gigabyte. and technical regulations during the works on coal mining.

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A. P. Dolgov.