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ANATOMIC TOOLS — tool kit for preparation of corpses and preparation of anatomic drugs with the scientific and educational purposes. The first instructions on anatomic tools meet in A. Vezaliya's works. With development of new methods of a research tools for preparation of corpses were improved, changed and supplemented. Generally tools of section and surgical sets are used to preparation. The most used tools are: 1) tweezers for capture of fabrics — anatomic, surgical, eye, gear and web-footed; 2) scalpels sharp-pointed and bellied different sizes; 3) knives — brain, cartilaginous; 4) scissors — the straight lines bent on the planes (Cooper) on an edge (Richter), intestinal, eye; 5) saws — sheet, arc; 6) a rachitome for opening of the vertebral channel; 7) hooks cats for fixing of fabrics during preparation; 8) chisels are flat, zhelobovaty the different sizes; 9) raspatories the straight lines bent for department of a periosteum; 10) bone nippers — costal, Lyuera, Listona; 11) syringes of different capacity metal N glass (Lyuera, «Record», Zhane); 12) clips of the Peon, Kokhera; 13) measuring tools — a tape, a ruler, a protractor, a caliper, a tazomer; 14) a mirror of the Dean for expansion of a section of cavities; 15) hooks — acute, stupid, two - three - four-gear for cultivation of edges of a section; 16) probes — bellied and zhelobovaty; 17) microscopic needles; 18) cannulas glass and metal; 19) Esmarch's irrigator; 20) Bobrov's device; 21) scales pharmaceutical with weights; 22) measuring cylinders, funnels; 23) rubber tubes of the different sizes; 24) razor; 25) hammers wooden and metal. There can be useful to anatomic researches a depth gage compasses with a sliding leg, the device for measurement of curvature of joint surfaces, a macrotome for production of serial sections of bodies, organotomometr for receiving cuts of a brain, a dioptrograf, the device for studying of vascular pools of blood supply of bodies. Also optical equipment is widely used to anatomic researches: magnifying glass points, nalobny magnifying glass (see), a binocular magnifying glass, biological and other types of microscopes, and also X-ray equipment with the equipment allowing to make roentgenoscopy, a X-ray analysis, stereorentgenografpyu and a tomography.

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A. N. Alayev.