AMIRDOVLAT of Amasiatsi

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AMIRDOVLAT of Amasiatsi

AMIRDOVLAT of Amasiatsi (1420, 1425—1496) — the Armenian doctor. The native Mr. Amasii (Asia Minor), where graduated from elementary school. It is supposed that got a medical education in Mesopotamia or Arabia. For the purpose of improvement of medical knowledge traveled around many countries of the East and West. Was engaged in medical practice and pharmacology, gained in the east glory of the skillful surgeon. Long lived in Constantinople, was a court doctor of the sultan Magomet II. Amirdovlat knew the Greek, Latin, Persian, Arab, Turkish and French languages, was well familiar with achievements of antique Greek-Roman, Byzantine medicine and medicine of the medieval East. It generalized own observations and data of world medical literature (1469) in the capital work «Advantage of Medicine» devoted to the general pathology. This work contains anatomy, physiology, hygiene, «the parenthesis to doctoring», the detailed description of an etiology, pathogeny, clinical picture, treatment (with patient care), a dietotherapy, and also the forecast of all diseases known to medieval medicine. Amirdovlat considered the patient in close connection with external environment. As a rule, it provides in the book also the points of view of classics of antique and medieval medicine.

Big pharmacological work of Amirdovlat was his work «Unnecessary for Ignoramuses» (1478 — 1482). In it it proved also as the uncommon lexicologist and the bibliographer: in 6 languages (Armenian, Greek, Latin, Persian, Arab, Turkish) the detailed description apprx. 3000 pharmaceuticals of plant, mineral and animal origin is in alphabetical order given.

Amirdovlat's works exerted a great influence on development of the Armenian and world medical science.

Works: Advantage of medicine, Yerevan, 1940 (on an automated workplace. language).

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A.S. Ktsoyan.