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AMINOAZOTOLUENE (synonym orthoaminoazotoluene) — the synthetic dye having cancerogenic properties. 2'3-Dpmetpl-4-amino-azobenzol, C 14 H 15 N 3  :

And. — crystal powder of yellow-orange color, water-insoluble; let's well dissolve in organic solvents: alcohol, ether, benzene, oil. Pier. weight 225,30; t°pl 100 °.

And. is one of the most active hepatotropic carcinogens. Its cancerogenic properties were revealed Sasakn and Posida (T. Sasaki, T. Yoshida, 1935) which got cancer of a liver at rats after feeding by it And. Some Japanese researchers observed the tumors of a liver at mice got in the similar way. And. induces tumors of a liver at mice and rats regardless of a way of its introduction (with food, subcutaneously, nakozhno). In some cases also other tumors were got: adenomas of lungs, papillomas of a bladder. And. in an organism it is split and recovered on an azo-group (N = N), is exposed to reactions of transmethylation and forms connections with proteins that. possibly, is the cornerstone of its carcinogenic activity. Administration of polyneuramin 2 prevents developing of cancer of liver at experimental animals.

And. it is possible to define in biological environments, solutions. At the heart of qualitative and quantitative methods of definition property A lies. to change the coloring depending on rn Wednesdays: e.g., at rn = 8 red coloring is noted.

One of isomers of connection — paradimethylaminoazobenzene (see. Azo compounds ), known under the name Butter-yellow or Butter-gelb, it was applied as dye to some foodstuff (oil, margarine, flour, macaroni) in a number of the countries; in the USSR its use is forbidden. And. use in pilot studies for induction gepaty (see) at laboratory animals. See also Oncogenous substances .

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