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AMINOACIDURIA ARGININEAMBER — the disease connected with existence of the enzymatic block in a cycle of synthesis of urea therefore splitting arginineamber to - you is broken. Lack of an argininsuktsinaza leads to accumulation in blood and cerebrospinal liquid arginineamber to - you and her predecessors.

And. and. it is described in 1958. J. D. Allan. Frequency of a disease in population is not established.

Symptoms of a disease are found in the first weeks of life of the child and are characterized by frequent vomiting, spasms, temperature increase, a hepatomegalia. Further lag in mental development, the neurologic disturbances, fragility and a xerasia growing at bunches are found.

Symptomatic treatment. Certain success brings purpose of a diet with restriction of proteins and arginine. The forecast is adverse.

See also Aminoaciduria .

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