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AMETROPIA (ametropia; the Greek negative prefix a-, metron — a measure, degree and opsis — sight) — disturbance of compliance between force of the refracting device and length of an optical axis of an eye. And. treats anomaly refractions of an eye (see).

Any eye (short-sighted, far-sighted), not capable on the physiological device to collect in focus on a retina the parallel rays of light getting into an eye is amenotropic. An amenotropic eye is characterized by what has no further point of clear sight (see). Nek-roye improvement of sight afar at And. perhaps by means of mobilization accommodations of an eye (see). At And. correction by the corresponding ocular glasses is necessary for full-fledged sight.

See also Short-sightedness , Far-sightedness , Emmetropia .