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Jeanne's AMBYuRYuZhE

AMBURUGE Jean (Hamburger Jean, sort. in 1909) — the French scientist, the clinical physician; the internist of a wide profile, is known for studying of diseases of kidneys, transplantations of kidneys, a hemodialysis; member of a number of foreign academies and honorary doctor of science of universities of several countries.

Studied in Carnot lyceum and as medical f-those Parisian un-that. Since 1956 — professor Parisian un-that, heads exploratory laboratory on transplantation and diseases of kidneys and nephrological clinic in hospital Hôpital Necker.

By diseases of kidneys of Zh. Ambyurzhe published about 500 scientific works and several monographs with employees. It described new methods of a functional research of kidneys and syndromes unknown earlier (a renal mikroangiopatiya of adults, family renal cytodystrophy), diffusion intercapillary deposits of immunoglobulins (Ig A, etc.). It possesses the first descriptions of a phenomenon of reversible crisis of rejection of a kidney (1959), a glomerulonephritis at rejection of a kidney (1962); a number of opening in immunology — opening [together with J. Dausset] clinical value of system of histocompatibility of HL — And, «gaplotipazh», etc. Zh. Ambyurzhe one of the first carried out together with employees successful renal transplantation from the nonidentical twin (1959) and the first — renal transplantation from not twin donor (1962). Described the first case of long tolerance at the person at transplantation of kidneys (1953). Invented and improved a number of devices (for control of a hemodialysis, for a biopsy of kidneys, the microanalysis of fabrics, etc.).

Zh. Ambyurzhe was the president of the International societies of nephrologists (1960 — 1963) and transplantations (1968 — 1970); it is a member of a number of foreign science foundations.

Works: Physiologic de Pinnervation renale, t. 1, P., 1936; Nouveaux precedes d'exploration fonctionnelle du rein, P., 1949 (sovm. with Ryckewaert A.); A renal failure, the lane with fr., M., 1965 (sovm. with other); N éphrologie, t. 1—2, P., 1966 (sovm. with other).

Bibliography: Hamburger Jean, Titres et travaux scientifiques, P., 1956; Who's who in France 1971 — 1972, p. 824, P., 1972.

E. M. Tareev.